Michael's affinity towards fashion & art began simmering as early as 5 years old, when he started art directing his own wardrobe. At 17, Michael got lucky and found work at a local boutique. For 4 years, Michael devoured every single stitch and scrap he could uncover in the art of being a clothier. In 1991, his passion paid off. At barely 21, Michael was invited to showcase his talent at the first Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board Fashion Gala.

Self-trained and self-motivated, Michael's scintillating credentials as one of Malaysia's most successful avant-garde designers are evident from his winning awards such as "Most Talented Designer" and "Best Presentation" for his high fashion collection.

He is well-known for his ostentatious and overstated designs, he specializes in malay traditional wear, evening gowns and bridal wear.

Some of his creations have been seen on local celebrities such as Siti Nurhaliza, Ziana Zain, Ning Baizura, Sheila Majid, Erra Fazira, Mizz Nina and Zahida Rafik.

His couture collections have made headlines at Jean-Paul Gaultier Eyewear Shows, the Nokia 8210 mobile phone launch, the Kent 961 Fashion Collection, L'ORÉAL, Bonia Skin Collection, Mac Cosmetics at the International Fashion Aids Show in Toronto, Canada; STYLO fashion GP in Singapore and the list goes on!